Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fear of Public Speaking - Removing

Fear of public speaking is said to be the most common fear in America. More common than the fear of death. Jerry Seinfeld did a joke about it, saying if you're at a funeral, look around you and more people would rather be the guy in the pine box than giving the eulogy!

I see a lot of clients, mostly professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and managers, for fear of public speaking, and successfully get them beyond their fear to where they can function well.  Think of public speaking as a three legged stool:  one leg for knowing your material, inside and out; one leg for having some training on how to construct and deliver a presentation; and the final leg for your emotional comfort in giving the presentation.  If all three legs aren't present, what happens?  The stool tips over!  So, you can be the most comfortable person in the world in front of a group, but if you don't know your material, you'll tip over.  Or if you don't know how to put that presentation together (the kind of training they give you in a Dale Carnegie course on speaking, for instance), then you'll tip over. And even if you know your material inside and out like the back of your hand, and you have that presentation how-to knowledge, if you don't have the emotional comfort to stand (or sit!) and deliver that information to your audience, you'll struggle.

Everyone I've ever seen has felt very confident that they know their information.  Most of them had had presentation skills training and felt that, if they could only calm their nerves, they knew how to deliver the information.  And I've seen many who've tried Toastmasters, hoping that with repeated exposure to speaking situations, their anxiety would come under control.  And for some, these approaches will work to lessen the emotional anxiety of public speaking, simply with more experience and familiarity.  But for many, it doesn't help at all, and may even make the anxiety worse.

There is hope, if this is you!  This is exactly the person I see in my practice, and everyone I've worked with for fear of public speaking has had their symptoms and feelings of nervousness significantly reduced or eliminated.  I've had more than one person who was ready to quit their job due to the fear, and we turned it around for them.  Using hypnosis and NLP, and a knowledge of how fears function in the mind, I can help you by desensitizing your mind to the triggers it has established, and creating a new comfort with those situations that you will carry over into your life.  Check out more about fear of public speaking at my new site!

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